Welcome to my web site. Below is a list of the various projects I work on and support.

EWSoftware Image Map Controls
.NET Windows Forms and web server controls that implement image maps (images with definable hot spots used to perform an action). The Windows Forms version supports image area event handling and owner drawn image areas.
EWSoftware Personal Data Interchange (PDI) Library
A complete set of classes that let you have access to all objects, properties, parameter types, and data types as defined by the vCard (RFC 2426), vCalendar, and iCalendar (RFC 2445) specifications. A recurrence engine is also provided that allows you to easily and reliably calculate occurrence dates and times for even the most complex recurrence patterns.
EWSoftware Windows Forms List Controls
A set of extended .NET Windows Forms list controls. The controls include an auto-complete combo box, a multi-column combo box, a user control drop-down combo box, a radio button list, a check box list, a data navigator control, and a data list control (similar in nature to a continuous details section in Microsoft Access or the DataRepeater from VB6).
Sandcastle Help File Builder
Sandcastle is Microsoft's tool used to create MSDN-style documentation from .NET assemblies and their XML comments files. The help file builder that I wrote provides a GUI front-end and an MSBuild-based project file to help make it easier to manage and produce documentation using Sandcastle. A package is also available for Visual Studio integration.
Visual Studio Spell Checker
A Visual Studio spell checker editor extension that checks the spelling of comments, strings, and plain text as you type or interactively with a tool window. This can be installed via the Visual Studio Gallery.
Code Project Articles
A list of articles that I have published on The Code Project. ASP.NET Common Web Page Class Library - Part 1 was voted best article for December 2003 in the ASP.NET article category.
Serial Communication Under Win32
Information on my article published in the July 1997 issue of The C/C++ Users Journal. This page contains a links to the article and the source code for the class used to encapsulate serial communications under Win32 plus the demo code. It also contains a couple of bug fixes.
CVMEditor Class Library
Text editing classes for use in MFC or console mode applications.
Turbo Vision Stuff
This page contains information on my Turbo Vision works, both public and shareware, and a few related links.