Eric Woodruff
16719 Lakeside Drive
Medical Lake WA 99022

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Status   I am not seeking employment or contract work at this time.

Profile   Over 35 years of successful programming experience on a wide variety of applications. Skills (current as of 11/23/2021):
  • Design and development of Microsoft Windows desktop applications, services, DLLs, controls, client/server, and web-based applications.
  • C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET (.NET 1.1 through .NET 4.8 with some .NET Core and .NET Standard experience)
  • Transact-SQL (Microsoft SQL Server versions 6.0, 7.0, and 2005 through 2019)
  • HTML, ASP, JavaScript, XML, XSL
  • Microsoft Access, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Prior experience with C/C++, MFC, COM, ATL, 80x86 assembler, FoxPro, and UNIX

Work Experience
Jan 2001 - Present         Analyst/Programmer
Sept 1998 - Jan 2001     Senior Programmer
Spokane County Information Systems Department, Spokane, WA
Primary responsibility is the design, development, and documentation of a variety of applications for Spokane County using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server. Projects include case management systems for the County Prosecutor's Office, Public Defender's Office, Superior Court, Pretrial Services, District Court Probation, a Jury Management System for Superior Court, an employee scheduling system for the jail, and various other applications for other county departments.
Jan 1996 - Sept 1998     Programmer/Analyst
Egghead Computer (, Liberty Lake, WA
Programmer for the Windows NT based Point of Sale system. Developed back office applications in C++ for reporting and database maintenance, cash register communication, data transfer to/from hand-held devices, FTP file transfers, DLLs for ODBC database access, and DLLs for report generation. Developed an application to pass incoming credit authorizations from a UNIX web server via TCP/IP to an AS/400 via SNA. Also maintained the code for the existing OS/2 based Point of Sale system.
May 1990 - Dec 1995     Systems Integration Programmer
Key Tronic Corporation, Spokane, WA
Designed, coded, documented, and maintained software in C, C++, and FoxPro used to interact with data collection devices and manage information for process tracking and reporting in a manufacturing environment. Also performed PC troubleshooting, hardware/software technical support, and some UNIX system administration.
Oct 1989 - Feb 1990     Programmer/Analyst I
Public School District #81, Spokane, WA
Four month contract. Main task was design and coding of programs in FoxBase for the KSPS Tape Library and Scheduling System used by the KSPS television station. Did some hardware and software installation.

1988 - 1989, Spokane Technical Institute, Spokane, WA
Associate of Applied Science Degree - Computer Programming with Business Management Applications
1988, Spokane Area Vocational Skills Center
Computer Programming for Business

Other Activities

Developer of the Sandcastle Help File Builder, a popular open source project used to develop and compile help files for .NET assemblies using Microsoft's Sandcastle documentation tools. Support for the Sandcastle tools was officially taken over from Microsoft in October 2012.

Developer of the Visual Studio Spell Checker, an open source Visual Studio editor extension that checks the spelling of comments, strings, and plain text as you type or interactively with a tool window.

Also the developer of various other former shareware projects that have since been open sourced: PDI Library, List Control Library, and Image Map Control Library.

Author of several articles published at The Code Project.

  • ASP.NET Common Web Page Class Library - Part 1 was voted best article for December 2003 in the ASP.NET article category. Also nominated, part 4 took 2nd place and part 3 tied for 3rd place.
  • The Sandcastle Help File Builder article was nominated for best article in the C# category in September 2006 and took 3rd place.
C/C++ Users Journal, July 1997
Wrote the article Serial Communication Under Win32 published in that issue.

Member of Team Borland (Nov 1994-June 1997)
Provided volunteer technical and programming support for Borland International on CompuServe.