This page contains some links to items of interest for those who may still be using Borland's Turbo Vision user interface library. The resources site noted below contains most of my public Turbo Vision works and my shareware.

NOTE: TV2BUG.ZIP at the resources site below is probably outdated. The most recent version can be downloaded from here: TV2BUG.ZIP (292K)

The date of my last release of the bug list was May 25, 1997. I do not maintain the list anymore, so please do not send me any more bug reports.

The TVPlus FAQ (3 parts)
The Turbo Vision FAQ. Answers most common questions and contains many other useful notes and examples.
Turbo Vision Resources
  • TVME30.ZIP: TVMEditor 3.00  Complete TEditor class replacements. Virtual memory (EMS+disk/XMS+disk), buffer sharing, > 32K lines, extended editing capabilities, separate global/local options, enter/find matching, jump specific/relative line, bookmarks, soft/hard tabs w/variable size, persistent marked block, all new search/replace, word wrapping, paragraph reformatting, and lots more. Can be used with Turbo Vision 1.03 and 2.0. Shareware.
  • CSH100.ZIP: Color Syntax Highlighter 1.00  Color syntax highlighter class for just about any Turbo Vision class. Demo includes static text example and demo file viewer plus instructions on using it with TVMEditor 3.00. Can be used with Turbo Vision 1.03 and 2.0. Shareware.
  • MIBX20.ZIP: Message and Input Box Classes 2.00  Better message/input boxes for Turbo Vision. Called like messageBox() and inputBox(). Simple or complex, auto-sizing, screen size aware, up to 20 user-definable buttons, 4 text colors. Password, history, and validator options for input. Explode/implode option, accept printf() style formatting codes directly, time limit, beep options, assign help contexts, streamable. Can be used with TV 1.03 and TV 2.0. Shareware.
  • BC31TV2.ZIP/B31TV2.ZIP  How to use TV 2.0 with BC++ 3.1
  • DPMISTAK.ZIP  A larger alternate stack segment for 16-bit DPMI applications
  • DPMXCP.ZIP  16-bit and 32-bit DPMI Exception Handler Library with support for TV 2.0
  • TOGMNU.ZIP  Better toggle items for Turbo Vision menus
  • TV2BUG.ZIP  A complete list of bug fixes for TV 2.0
  • TV2VAL.ZIP  Documentation for and expanded examples of the validation classes for TV 2.0
  • TVCLR2.ZIP  Easy TV 2.0 class color additions/extensions